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the download among us apk has got more than 100 million downloads last months because it’s amazing and exciting gameplay, among us mainly depends on the interaction between the players and the users have chances to show their personal skills at the game and the communication skills between each other.

What IS Among US?

There are many games with those ideas on the internet and everywhere but among us is still trending on the global internet between the platforms of the game in the last months.
This game helps the players to show their personal skills at communication or investigation and deceiving skills inside the game series, the main purpose of the game is all players get fun by interacting with each other and each player shows his own playing skills.

Features Of among us among us apk among us apk

The Game is very amazing and made to not get boring from it fast, it will take you to another world and please don’t forget your time because it will take your time from it’s sweet and we are going to take about the notices ones.

Although It’s Very Simple But It’s Magical Game us-simple and magic us-simple and magic

It’s a simple game with exciting graphics it conquers your eyes and is suitable for the players to focus on the communication for each one. The game provides a unique story and we didn’t see a game like this, the players will be in the space at the spaceship and there is the bad player with an evil plan and the rest should discover him before he kills them all.

Although among us is very simple it’s made all players from other countries react with each other and think together as one brain to get the information and analysis them, the game will have many maps beside the goals there will be exciting functions for attracting the players and make the game more excited.

One Team One Hand One Family us-tasks us-tasks

There are many two goals with two teams every team has his own tasks and goals they have to think together and be one team one hand one family to can complete their goals and make the game more excited. The first team is the more excited as they called “crewmate” their main goals complete their tasks and finishing the game before the other team as it called “impostor” reaped them.

Every member of the crew team has his own tasks and jobs to complete but some jobs functions have common properties and they are making the players go around all maps and interact with the mini-games in them and every crewmate should prove he is not an impostor and there will be colorful effects.

The Impostor Life us-impostor us-impostor

Contrary to the noble goal of the crewmate at preparing the ships and the maps the impostor is the wicked who comes with his own evil goal of destroying and ruins the ships and the maps before the crewmate finishes them. Impostors are very easy to discover them but if they are smart it will be so tough to catch them, they can’t do tasks so can be easily suspicious and immediately reported without any visual effects around them.

They can move very fast at the map and escape faster after they sabotage critical parts on the map because the widely built vent system helps them to not catch from the crewmate team, but on the other side, they should repair the destroyed maps in the limited time before they destroy all the maps and defeat them.

Kick Them Out From Your Ship us-kick-impostor us-kick-impostor

The most exciting moment at the game is when someone presses the emergency button or reported a dead body everyone at the ship turns into the Suspect person and provides his innocence and tries to identify the suspects, and remove the airlock’s Impostors.

Among us, there is a vote system all the players at the ship should vote whoever they want but the person who got many votes will be fired out the ship map at the next round. that’s the highly recommended moment for players to communicate with each other because at the normal moments will be not.

Customize Your beloved One

The game provides for the players to choose and customize their characters with costumes they can change the colors and hats the player has a good chance to win special costumes from international festivals and the players can do that at the main interface of the game before it starts.

Among US gives the players always interesting content such as maps, gameplay, and content, including character costumes, and the maps diversity is the main purpose at gameplay as each map has its own different interactions, including tasks and sabotage.

The players can take those advantages at distinguishing between friends and enemies or discover what is not normal, impostors will have a wider range thanks to the vent design, allowing them to move around and finish the crewmate undetected.

Is Among Us Free Game?

You can download the game for free without paying 1 cent but there are items at the game with real money and every item has its own purpose and price it’s an option for you if you like to buy you can enter the market and buy your purpose.

download among us for android

You can download the game from the official website to be sure it’s safe and there is no virus or trojan at the game code,
You can download it from among us for android.

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