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BitLife Life Simulator is a life simulator with interactive choices for the players to choose their life how to go from your born till you die in different directions. You can live your current life in different ways and take risks you couldn’t take in your real life with the bitlife life simulator online.

Features Of BitLife Life Simulator

Everyone dreamed of magical life and couldn’t achieve it and takes your brain into deep distances and your feelings move up and down with your thoughts but you didn’t know if that life will be the perfect one as you imagine so with the bitlife life simulator apk you will get that experience.

The game has many features that will attract you to spend much time in it and enjoy your simulation life, so let’s go and see what makes the game special?

Live Your Dream Life BitLife Life Simulator- dream life BitLife Life Simulator- dream life

What makes the game of bitlife life simulator online is so popular and special that it gives you two options with your destination life if it is a random one or a Specific Life. Your choices will inflict on your simulation life so you need to choose them wisely.

You need to take into consideration the culture, economic issues, work, and marriage in the country you will choose to start your life in as life in the USA is so easier than living in Egypt.

The Future Is Affected By Our Decisions BitLife Life Simulator- Decisions BitLife Life Simulator- Decisions

Our future will be affected by our current decisions we always have the freedom in our choices to make it better or worse you only who will pay the price of your decisions so you need to be wise and conscientious at taking your decisions.

If you need to have a good life with a higher income you need to decide to study hard and read a lot of books to grow up faster when you were young if you didn’t take that one you won’t get average one in the future. The people who went to the GYM when they were young will get healthy ones either than others who didn’t do so you can choose your lifestyle at bitlife life simulator apk.

Realistic World

Bitlife life simulator online gives you the freedom at choosing your desired job as you want from a business person, office worker, artist, farmer, … or even a drug addict, a wanted criminal. Everyone in the world has wishes all are worthy of the experience but don’t forget that will inflict at your future if you choose the wrong one you will have regretful life.

If you need to be a programmer you will need to spend a couple of hours learning the computer basics and how to write clean code. Don’t worry about failure you can start again from new as you have unlimited lives.

Watch Carefully Your INDICATORS BitLife Life Simulator- INDICATORS BitLife Life Simulator- INDICATORS

At bitlife life simulator apk, you will live different lives from birth till death you will go to school and make new friends, eat different foods and discover new tastes, live your dream one, play games, get married, work, and even die. While you are living your life you need to focus on your five indicators to regulate your life to measure your quality of life through the criteria of happiness, physical health, mental health, economy, and appearance.

Don’t forget that bitlife life simulator online is an extremely high reality so if you choose to spend much time at your work to increase your worth the economic index will be high, but the health index will be down and get many diseases even you maybe die at a young age.

System Requirements Of BitLife Life Simulator

Before you buy or download the bitlife life simulator apk or even buy and download any app you have to know the requirements and the information about it to make sure you will spend your time and money at the right place and get the information from the publisher of the app or the game, so let’s go ahead and see the bitlife life simulator online requirements.

  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up.
  • APK Size: 113 MB.
  • Released on: 5th Feb 2019.
  • Offered by: Candywriter, LLC.
  • Installs: More than 10 million downloads.

Pricing Of BitLife Life Simulator

You can download the bitlife life simulator apk from the google play store without paying any money, and you can use all the useful features of the game but you can buy the removal ads feature for about $3 USD.

Download Now BitLife Life Simulator apk 2022 for free

Like what I’m saying every time about downloading games or apps, you need to download from the official site to be safe without any virus or trojan, so you can download the bitlife life simulator apk and enjoy the awesome simulation life.

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