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Family Farm Seaside is an amazing farming game with exciting features and challenge missions, it’s one of Century Games Pte. Ltd. Large games that contain more than 60 million players all over the world also it was released only in 2013 but the users liked it more than other farming games. You can download Wild West New Frontier.

Features Of Family Farm Seaside

The game contains many wonderful features that attract you to download and never stop playing as you can plant crops and farming cute animals and grew your farm to the sky.

Smooth playing with amazing graphics

Family Farm Seaside has amazing graphics that enchant the eye and attract you to start playing. The game starts with an easy how-to-play tutorial to learn the most important basics of the game with 2D exciting graphics.

Game Crops

appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-crops
appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-crops

The game contains a large collection of plants and crops you can plant them and harvest then you can sell them or use them to make other game products in factories. Examples for game plants: wheat, corn, clover, Halloween pumpkin, grape, cucumber, carrot, tomato, oat, and many more.

Deferent Types Of Trees

appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-trees
appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-trees

Family Farm Seaside contains two types of trees that you can plant and collect from them fruits example:

  • First: the fruit trees they include Chestnut, tea, Bamboo and Morus trees. You can collect fruits from them.
  • Second: the wood trees they include Oak, Cedar and Red sanders. You can collect wood from them

Each tree of them needs development points when you reach them you can open the tree and each tree has a specific price and you can build an exact number of them.

Wonder Animals

As hay day for android and any other farming games, it must contain animals, but here there is deferent. The Family Farm Seaside game provides a large variety of animals like:

  1. Holstein cow: produce milk.
  2. Beehive: produce honey.
  3. Chicken: produce eggs.
  4. Buffalo: produce buffalo milk.
  5. Angora rabbit: produce angora hair.
  6. Sheep: produce wool.
  7. Limousine cattle: produce beef.
  8. Butterfly: produce nectar
  9. Green duck: duck egg.
  10. Peacock: produce peacock feather.
  11. Black ostrich: produce ostrich feather.
  12. White turkey: produce turkey.
  13. Goose: produce lotus flower.
  14. Pig: produce pork.
  15. White goat: produce goat milk.
  16. Reindeer: produce reindeer fur.
  17. Super beehive: produce honey.
  18. Deer: produce venison steak.
  19. Horse: produce horse hair.
  20. White alpaca: produce alpaca hair.

The list above contains seaside farm animals, there are many other animals on the island farm like mohair goat, camel, panda, silkworm, squirrel, parrot, quail, and golden monkey.

And also, there are other animals present in sea resort-like sea urchins, squid, sea otters, and mew gull. So, enjoy farm these cute animals.

Farm Family Seaside Buildings and Machines

appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-buildings
appsscope.con-Family Farm Seaside-buildings

Buildings as present in the animals, there are three places to put buildings in the farm, the island farm, and the sea resort.

  • Seaside farm buildings:

They are too many and each has a function but we will name them only: Cropinator, water well, greenhouse, tree greenhouse, kitchen, lucky wheel, order board, cooking stand, market, pet house, seafood house, beauty shop, coffee house, circus monkey, and stove house.

  • Island farm buildings:

Glass factory, cropinator, sawmill, hardware store, water well.

  • Sea resort buildings:

Hot spring, parasailing, waterside, snake shop, beach souvenir, paradise restaurant, and many more.

Machines there are machines building at three places on the farm, the island farm, and the sea

  • Seaside farm Machines

There are too many wonderful machines that present in seaside farm to be able to make a large variety of products and goods. For examples:

Baker, burger machine, cake machine, candy machine, cheese master, chocolate machine, coffee machine, flower backing machine, ice cream machine, toy machine, and many more.

  • Island farm Machines

Dehydrator, flavored bread machine, hat machine, loom, pie machine, pizza machine, and many more.

  • Sea resort Machines

Sea urchin lamp machine, water float machine, and sashimi machine.

 Daily Order Board

When you have your order board on your Family Farm Seaside farm, you will receive your daily orders, all you need is to tap on the order board, choose the order, get their need, and press “complete” to send the order and receive blue Mysterons and order points. You need to save order points order by order and exchange them finally with a reward.

Unlimited Barn Space

The most unique thing in the Family Farm Seaside game and not found in the other farming games is that the barn has unlimited space, you can store what you need any time and by any quantity, there is no worry from being full space and search for an upgrade, that’s really amazing!!

New Missions Added Regularly

Once you start playing the game you can’t stop, the game is keen to provide you missions to feel fun and never get bored from the game.

Get Into Competition With Other Farmers

If you have a good taste in decoration and designing, you will find your fun here. The Family Farm Seaside game makes a monthly competition between players’ farms, which is more beautiful?!

This competition starts from level 30, you can join by tapping apply now in the farm beauty menu. You can participate by sending a screenshot of your farm and the game characters will vote for you, you can change the screenshot once every day to increase your votes.

Each game character prefers somethings you can provide them on your farm to get their votes. You can also bet 3 times per day, each time you have to visit two farms and bet on the farm that you expect that has a higher vote when your bet comes true you will receive a higher reward.

There will be one player that wins the golden trophy and he will have it for one month then will be passed to the next player, the same will happen with the silver, bronze, and iron trophy.

Support More Than 21 Language

One of the most wonderful things in family farm seaside game is that it supports more than 21 languages like English, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Russian, Swedish and traditional Chinese.

System Requirements

Before you buy or download a game or even an application you have to know the requirements and the information about it to make sure you will spend your time and money at the right place, so let’s go ahead and know Century Games PTE.LTD requirements.

  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up.
  • APK Size: 100 MB.
  • Released on: 25th Feb 2013.
  • Offered by: Century Games Pte. ltd.
  • Installs: More than 50 million downloads.

Pricing Of Family Farm Seaside

You can download the Family Farm Seaside apk for free as the developers decided to make the game full of free at the google play store but if you are +18 or you who like to be very strong at the games you can buy upgrade items and ships from the game store with different prices.

Download Family Farm Seaside apk

Like what I’m saying every time about downloading games or apps, you need to download from the official site to be safe without any virus or trojan, so you can download Family Farm Seaside and enjoy playing.

Please if you liked our Family Farm Seaside review do not skimp on us and share the article with your friends, as this is again for us to be able to continue and give the post feed. Thanks to everyone.

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