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Homesteads is an amazing farming game where you can plant crops, take care of animals, serve country people and catch criminals. Have lots of fun with no-ended game quests. You can also download Stardew Valley android 2022 for free.

About homesteads

Homesteads is a large farm game that was released in 2021 by Enixan Limited and has too many downloads as the game find It was well received by many players.

Features Of homesteads

The game has many features that you will like with some challenges that make the game is very amazing, so let’s talk about some of them

Simple Playing With Amazing 2D Graphics

The game of homesteads starts with how to play tutorial that helps you understand all the game basics you need. Enixan Limited designed the game with very simple and smooth 2D graphics that attract your eyes to continue playing and never stop.

Enjoy Building Different Buildings

One of the amazing things in the game is that seems to be more realistic cause you build too many buildings and you can upgrade them to gain more populations and products such as:

Houses: you will build many houses with different shapes and sizes.
Community buildings: as real life, you will build many buildings like a school, police stations, hospitals, cinema halls, puppet show, and many more awesome buildings.
Factories: any large town in the world has its factories to produce its needed goods. You will build many factories like bakeries, dairy, clothes factories, candy factories, and many more factories.

Plant And Harvest Too Many Crops

The game depends mainly on agriculture so you will have fields to plant, harvest, and replant again to increase your crops number. After harvesting crops, you can trade them in the market, convert them to goods in factories, sell them on the train, fill stagecoach stations or serve the townspeople. Homesteads crops: you can plant wheat, clover, corn, beans, sugar cane, grape, and many more.

Protect Townspeople By Catching Criminals

In Homesteads, you will not only plant crops and feed animals, but you will also protect your townspeople from dangerous criminals that threaten them by catching them and send to prison. So don’t forget to keep your people safe.

Find Your Treasures In the Mine

The game provides some tools to can be used in mining minerals in the mine so keep them and enjoy mining! which there you might find some treasure and change your life, so you can get more money and upgrade items to be able upgrading your buildings and factories.

Take Care Of Cute Animals

You will be responsible for feeding your cute animals to can get their products. The game’s cute animals are cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, oxen, and many more animals. So don’t forget to feed them, to keep them healthy and happy.

Fill your stagecoach orders

Your stagecoach will ask you to fill its crates with some goods and when you send them, they take a few hours and back. When they back, you will get upgrading tools, expansion materials, and mining tools.

Enjoy playing with your friends

The best thing in the homesteads game is playing with your friends, help each other’s and compete other players. You have two ways to play with friends:

First: playing with Facebook friends

You can play with your Facebook friends by connecting your game with your Facebook account from your game settings.

Second: you can join a game team and make new friends around the world.

System Requirements

Before you buy or download a game or even an application you have to know the requirements and the information about it to make sure you will spend your time and money at the right place, so let’s go ahead and see the Homesteads android requirements.

  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up.
  • APK Size: 160 MB.
  • Released on: 1st Feb 2021.
  • Offered by: Enixan Limited.
  • Installs: More than 500 thousands downloads.

Prcing Of Homesteads

You can download Homesteads android for free as the developers decided to make the game without paying money at the google play store but if you are +18 or you who like to be very strong at the games you can also buy upgrade items and ships from the game store with different prices.

Download homesteads 2022 android for free

Like what I’m saying every time about downloading games or apps, you need to download from the official site to be safe without any virus or trojan, so you can download Homesteads android.

Please if you liked our Homesteads android review do not skimp on us and share the article with your friends, as this is again for us to be able to continue and give the post feed. Thanks to everyone.

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