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Phoenix FD is a powerful 3D application and comprehensive which provides advanced tools and strong features to help you enhance your simulations and 3D modeling. It can simulate and model various elements such as fire, smoke, oils, and liquids, ocean waves, spasms, foam spray, fog, and more. You can also download videohive animal character 2021 for free.

Features Of Phoenix FD

Phoenix FD 3ds max is an efficient application that allows you to create realistic liquid simulations with splashes and foam directly in 3ds Max so this application is a very perfect one for 3D artists who would like to create dynamic FX. So let’s go and discover together the best features about it.

Create Realistic LIQUIDS, SPLASHES & FOAM Simulation Phoenix FD- LIQUIDS Phoenix FD- LIQUIDS

It’s a powerful application for 3D artists who would create dynamic FX using quick presets, fast setup, and intuitive control, so you can create with the Phoenix FD tool amazing all types of physically-based fluid effects with fast, flexible controls for rendering.

Fire And Smoke Effects Simulation Phoenix FD- smoke effects Phoenix FD- smoke effects

With that awesome tool, you can create any type of fire and smoke effects with Phoenix’s powerful, adaptive-grid dynamics engine in a few and small steps you can innovate realistically simulation.

Friendly Interface And Easy To Use

The software provides a simple and friendly interface so the users can understand how to work into and create simulated elements because it has self-explaining options.

Phoenix FD 3ds max is compatible with top industry tools such as Alembic, Krakatoa, Stoke MX, and OpenVDB so you can export your projects and import them easily and create professional products for your work.

Voxel and Particle Tuners Phoenix FD- Particle Tuners Phoenix FD- Particle Tuners

Change each voxel and particle’s properties during simulation, and use customizable conditions to delete particles. So you don’t worry to edit your whole project to change a small thing you didn’t satisfy with it like the other software you have to recreate your project.

Interactive Simulations

Fine-tune simulations interactively in the viewport with Phoenix’s GPU-accelerated preview so you can view each change on your screen it’s similar to hot reload on the android development.

With phoenix fd 3ds max you can add detail and increase resolution without changing simulation shape or behavior. Also, you can create a series of simulations that trigger and interact with each other.

System Requirements Of Phoenix FD

Before you buy or download a game or even an application you have to know the requirements and the information about it to make sure you will spend your time and money at the right place, so let’s go ahead and see the phoenix fd 3ds max requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows ® 7 SP1, Windows ® 8.1 Professional, or Windows ® 10 Professional operating syste.
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM and 8 GB swap minimum – recommended 32 GB or more RAM, 32 GB or more swap file.
  • 3ds Max: 3ds Max ® 2018 / 3ds Max Design ® 2018 or later, 64-bit versions only.
  • Processor: Intel® 64-bit or compatible processor with SSE 4.2 support.
  • Hard Disk: 400 MB.
  • File Size: 355 MB.

Pricing Of Phoenix FD

You can download the phoenix fd 3ds max trial version for 14 days and you will need to buy the software to enable using it and the developers offer some plans so you can choose one of them as suitable for your needs

Plan NamePrice
Recommended$390 USD per year
Commercial Monthly$70 USD per month
Commercial Annual $390 USD per month
Commercial Perpetual $830 USD per month
Upgrade $415 USD
Educational $99 USD per month
Pricing Of Phoenix FD

Download Now Phoenix FD 3ds max 2021 for free

Make sure you are downloading any software or even games from the official websites to be sure the software and the games don’t have any virus or trojan, you can download phoenix fd 3ds max from download Phoenix FD all you need to do is just tab at the try button and signup with yours email and the link will be sent to your email.

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