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Download quixel mixer 2021 – best guide at 2021


Quixel mixer 2021 is one of the strongest 3D graphic design software in 2021, it includes wide collections of 3D texturing tools and creative materials for creating amazing designs with unlimited creative designs. You can also download Coohom for 3D design.

Megascan mixer has got award-winning graphic design software for designing, it’s allowing you to create your own creative materials while you are working on your project through a smooth interface, also you can mix your own textures to make one with customized materials.

Features Of quixel mixer 2021 mixer 2021-features mixer 2021-features

Quixer was founded in 2011 by Teddy Bergsman and Waqar Azim, their vision is every creative person should have the tools and wide range of 3D libraries to make them create creative design and show their abilities. They focused to make quixel mixer very easy to use with huge amazing features we are going to talk about some of them

ONE TOOL FOR A VARIETY Needs mixer 2021-textures mixer 2021-textures

At megascan mixer you will find all your needs at one software you won’t need to download another software or plugins to use beside it, we will write three points about the main functions:

  1. 3D TEXTURING: it made the designs so easy, you can load your own mesh,textures, and materials at your current project and customize them to make more unique than the first look.
  2. Create Excited Materials: with one free tool you can make amazing materials through the sculpting, painted layers and procedural masks.
  3. Free And Easy Graphic Software: with that amazing tools and what quixel mixer can do, they provide it without money 100% free.

Save Your Materials With High Quality

When you finish your work or edit your materials and textures you can export them to different quality resolutions or 8K quality to use them at your work to make it more professional and creative, so your customers will be much satisfied.

Customize 3D Textures mixer 2021-textures mixer 2021-textures

Megascan and mixer combined together to make artists achieve amazing results in their works, you can customize your assets or create new ones with multi-channel 3D painting, real-time 3D curvature, displacement sculpting, ID masking, procedural noises, seamless texture projection, Smart Materials, and much more.

Make Your Imagination Comes True mixer 2021-customize shapes mixer 2021-customize shapes

It is very helpful for game designers, they can create many textures to suitable the environments of the games or they can create many shapes with creative imagination like monsters, weapons, swords, shields, and much more things. It will help you get there in a few minutes.

Smooth Interface And Easy Layout

When you download megascan mixer and open it you will notice a clear layout with a smooth interface to make the software very easy to use as we were saying in the first paragraph their mission help the designers and artists create creative designs, so making the software easy is the first step to make designers create creative ones.

Create Your Attractive Ownership

You have the power chance to create amazing seamless surfaces with painting, sculpting, blending, and procedural masking don’t waste your time learning to use another software or wasting money by buying others.

System Requirments Of quixel mixer 2021

Every software has its own requirements the developer of quixel mixer has announced them to make the software works very good at your computer without any bugs or late

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor.
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 02nd Sep 2021.

Pricing Of quixel mixer 2021

Thanks to Teddy Bergsman and Waqar Azim who established quixer in 2011 with focusing on quality and helping artists to create amazing designs for the money, they offered that software for free without paying 1 cent.

But there are three other plans with custom features so we will see the difference between them as what comes from their official website from here

Free for use with Unreal Engine only.Up to $100K funding or yearly rev.Up to $2M funding or yearly rev.Unlimited creativity with Megascans for studios with over $2M in funding or yearly revenue.
Unlimited SeatsSingle SeatUnlimited SeatsCustomized solutions for large productions to help your projects succeed.
8K Resolution 8K Resolution 8K Resolution
Unlimited Access *90 Points / month90 Points / month
Free$19/ month$199/ month  contact customer service
Pricing Of quixel mixer 2021

Download quixel mixer 2021

Make sure you are downloading any software or even games from the official websites to be sure the software and the games don’t have any virus or trojan, you can download the basic free version or the professional version and the enterprise version from, download quixel mixer.

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