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Township is one of the biggest farming games that depend on town development and farming techniques to build your farm, it contains great graphics and it’s totally free. It’s available for desktop and also for android. You can play hay day another exciting farming game with a different gameplay system

It was released in the last two months in 2013 and the game got huge downloads, it’s more than 100M downloads. The game got much success from their first lunch till now, the game was developed by Playrix and they have a lot of successful games at play store market.

About The Game

Township is a large world, it contains too many wonderful details. There are fields to plant and harvest, houses, animal farms (for cows, chickens, pigs … etc.), community buildings, factories to produce goods, trains, planes, ships … and too many things.

The best thing I really loved in the township is the connection between players you can add friends and make a team then you can compete with other teams in a weekly race and get prizes, That’s amazing!!

Features Of Township

Let’s speak in more detail about how wonderful the township Playrix is and you can tell us more and more on our page Contact US.

Very Simple With Wonderful 2D Graphics

Township starts with a tutorial that shows you how to manage your farm, plant, harvest, build houses and factories, upgrade your buildings and decorate the farm.

Playrix designed the game with graphics 2D but it’s really great, it also contains a relaxing music play in the background and you can turn it off from the settings button.

Amazing Buildings And Excited Decorations

The game contains too many different buildings such as:

  • Houses: there are too many different houses from the cottages to the palaces
  • Community buildings: you will feel township Playrix community as real life, the game put community buildings like police, fire department, hospital, school, amusement park, garage…etc.
  • Factories: there are many factories to produce goods like the bakery, the dairy, the snack factory, the clothes factory, the ice cream factory, the sweet factory, the shoe factory, the plastic factory, the juice factory and other fun factories.
  • Farming buildings: the game contains much farms like cows, chickens, sheep, pigs.
  • Decorations: there are too many decorations you can use to decorate your town, it’s very nice to play in beautiful place!!
  • Special buildings: there are too many special buildings in this game each one need a separate article I will try to speak shortly about them:

HouseofLuck: – when you help friends to fill their boxes you will receive clovers that you can exchange in the house of luck for rewards

City Market: – from the name itself, you can buy what you need from the market by using coins or game cash.

Laboratory: – here you can make boosters like increase field yield, speed up specific factory production or increase animal goods. To make these boosters you need gems, you can find them in mine, lucky house, zoo orders, or randomly chests floats on the water.

Foundry: – in the foundry, you can ingot the ore that you extracted from the mine.

Academy of Industry: – here you can use your ingots to improve your factories and trains that help you increase their speed or experience points and many more.

Ships: – they are not exactly a building but they are a special thing in the township, they bring you exotic fruits you need them to produce other goods like juices.

Various Crops To Grow And Later Process At Your Factories

The game contains many plants to plant and harvest like corn, wheat, cotton, tomato, potato, pepper, carrots, strawberry, sugar cane, rubber, trees, and too many crops

These different crops can be then reused in the factories to produce animal feed and many goods like clothes from cotton.

Serve Your Customers With Smile Face

The game contains people that live in houses and work in community buildings, these people need many orders goods and crops and when you fill these orders you get coins, experience points, and sometimes game cash dollars

You can send these orders by using a small plane.

Discover the Mysterious Treasure Inside Your Mine

The game improves your tools like axes and dynamite that you can use in the mine to extract ore then ingot them in the foundry.

You must have a question now, how can I get these mine tools?!! I will show that later so keep reading.

Feed إYour Lovely Animals Regularly

At township Playrix, as shown before you have many farms for animals like:

Cows: that produce milk and you can reuse milk in factories to make the cream, cheese, and butter.

Sheep: that produces wool and you can reuse wool to make clothes in factories.

chickens: that produce eggs and also can use to produce goods.

Pigs: that produce bacon.

Fill Your Trains Orders

The game contains goods transportation,

First: trains need goods you fill them then you will not receive coins but they produce mining, expanding and upgrading tools you need

Second: Planes come with many boxes needed to fill and exchange goods by coins and experience points.

Manage And Expand Your Beautiful Farm

To level up and expand the farm you need to keep plants, harvest, feed animals, fill orders, send trains and planes, and build your city, all these things will gain you experience points to grow and level up.

Buy And Trade With Another Islands

There are also ships you can send them to different islands each island give you different goods you need them to produce other goods in factories for example peaches and make peaches juice.

Meet Different Animals and Breed Them

You can ask me that there are too many farming games, what makes this game different?

I will tell you, in my opinion, the game zoo is the best different thing than other farming games. Imagine with me, you have lions, donkeys, monkeys, camels, pandas, bears, and giraffes. And you can arrange their houses and decorate the zoo as you want, what amazing!!

Play With Your Friends And Make a Team

One of the points that make township different than any other farming game is that you can connect to your Facebook and play with your friends and make a team call co-op, you can then compete with other coops in a weekly race and get amazing prizes.

If you don’t have some goods, you can ask your coop team and they can help you, If you had a plane or train box you can’t fill, you can put a help request on it so somebody can help you.

When you help any other player to fill boxes you will receive a thanks litter or clover and you can exchange it in the house of luck, you can also add new friends all over the world and increase your friends’ circle.

If you feel lonely and have free time, I recommend you township.

And if you have a busy day, you can get some relaxing time in the township

Once you open it you will not close, there is always something to do.

Edit Your Farm Design mode mode

Another great thing I noticed that’s not present in any other farming game is the editing mood

In the editing mood, you can rearrange your buildings so easily, you can move all buildings to storage then you can change the ground from green to sand or mud or even water and you can build a root you can also choose root shape as you want there are 4 shapes.

After you finish the edit, you can press the save button, and if you don’t like the new farm arrange you can just cancel and the farm back to the old arrangement, Isn’t that really cool!!

Pricing Of Township

The game published by Playrix with free installing, you can install it from the google play store. Township is totally free but if you can purchase inside the game to buy cash and coins and game stuff

Download Township for android

Like what I’m saying every time about downloading games or apps, you need to download from the official site to be safe without any virus or trojan, so you can download township.

And You can download and play the game on PC from their official township website.

Requirements Of Township For PC

OS: Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher, Xbox One.

Please if you liked township does not skimp on us and share the article with your friends, as this is again for us to be able to continue and give the post feed. Thanks to everyone.

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