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Truecaller premium is one of the software a well-known and indispensable application in our time because you can call and text your friends through it, it’s big data save for caller numbers so you can ignore or recognize who is calling you or avoid any of your calls at the right time if you are busy.

Features Of Truecaller premium

That application is very important for our personal and work lives because what it provides it’s very important we can depend on that software in many situations like calls, texts, ignore calls, and many more features so let’s talk about some important ones.

Different Dialer Calls Experience Premium-dialer calls Premium-dialer calls

Truecaller premium apk provides a new smooth and different interface with multifunction through the truecaller app with an exciting and unique experience. You will find through the app functions more amazing than the normal or basic dialler calls and messages, so you will need to activate the spam services to stop spammed calls like in your mail.

Block Annoying And Spam Numbers Premium-spam Premium-spam

As what is written above at the head title with this application you can block spam numbers with clear instruction methods so you can activate this function the right way, also you can get a notification at the screen if that number is spam or not as people feedback about the numbers. You can also avoid a certain group of advertisers.

Know Who Is Calling You Premium-knows calling Premium-knows calling

Truecaller Premium provides you very important function with an awesome tool that everyone nowadays needs, truecaller premium apk has a big data center with huge contact numbers information with the stored name for the number so when someone is calling you without knowing his/ her number or saved into your phone. That app takes your known number and search into its data center and get the contact info and display into your app screen.

There is search text at the top of the screen you can write the number you are searching for if that number exists in the database you can find who is this number for so don’t worry they have more than 500 million numbers.

Never Miss Your Important Calls

With truecaller premium apk you can’t miss your important calls when you are waiting for a call from your manager or business call you will get a notification with sound and flashlight and if you missed your call you will get many notifications with a missed calls, you just need to prepare your settings with the right instructions.

Dark Mood

Truecaller Premium provides two themes you can choose one of them the light mood and the dark mood with a smooth interface and layout, the dark mood is very comfortable for the eyes with stylish texts fonts with white colors.

Chat With Your Friends On Truecaller Premium

The users of the truecaller premium apk can text and call their friends through the application chat window, all you need to do is just search for your friend’s contact and you find a message button you click on it, and here is you go.

You can also through Truecaller Premium call your friends and record their calls if you need to get some information to remember them again so you don’t need to install any other application to do the same function and the app don’t send any notification for the other number that the call is under-recording.

System Requirements Of Truecaller Premium

Before you buy or download the Truecaller Premium application or even buy and download a game you have to know the requirements and the information about it to make sure you will spend your time and money at the right place and get the information from the publisher of the app or the game, so let’s go ahead and see truecaller requirements.

  • Requires Android: 5.1 and up.
  • APK Size: 57.92 MB.
  • Released on: 31th May 2012.
  • Offered by: Truecaller.
  • Installs: More than 500 million downloads.

Pricing Of Truecaller Premium

You can download the truecaller premium apk from the google play store without paying any money, but if you need to upgrade your account to a premium or gold one you will need to pay some money and the app comes with three plans so let’s see truecaller premium price and what is the difference between them and which plan is suitable for your needs.

Property NameTruecaller BasicTruecaller PremiumTruecaller Gold
Caller IDYesYes Yes
Spam BlockingYes Yes Yes
No adsNo Yes Yes
Who Viewed My Profile No Yes Yes
Premium Badge No Yes Yes
More Contact Requests No Yes Yes
Incognito Mode No Yes Yes
Call Recording No Yes Yes
Gold Caller ID No No Yes
Premium Support No No Yes
PriceFree$10 USD$86 USD
Pricing Of Truecaller Premium

Download Truecaller premium apk 2022 for free

Like what I’m saying every time about downloading games or apps, you need to download from the official site to be safe without any virus or trojan, so you can download truecaller premium apk

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