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Wild West New Frontier is a large farming game made by social quantum, the game contains many wonderful details that fascinate the mind. You can download the hay day farming game.

About The Game

Wild West is released in late 2017 by social quantum, and it was well-received by the players and a huge success because of its smooth playing and wonderful 3D graphics.

Features Of Wild West New Frontier

The game is really an amazing game full of features that make the players spend more time playing the game, relaxing, and having fun, so let’s talk about some of them

Easy To Play And Enjoyable 3D Graphics west-graphics west-graphics

Wild west starts with a how-to-play tutorial to learn you the game basics and lead you to step by step to your fun.

One of the important things that attract me to adore this game is its wonderful 3D graphics!! Yes, you can see the farm from all directions and direct the angle of the screen to see all farm sides, that’s amazing!!

Large Variety Of Crops west-crops west-crops

As usual in any farming game, you have field plots and you plant many crops. In our game Wild West New Frontier, you can plant Rye, corn, pumpkin, wheat, beans, tomato, potato, strawberry, chili pepper, flax, onion, and carrot.

Each plant of them has its own time to grow up. You should harvest and replant again to multiply the number of yields that you will use later to produce fresh goods at factories.

Wonderful Trees And Decorations west-decorate west-decorate

Wild West New Frontier contains trees that produce many fruits like apple, pear, coffee, cacao, orange, and lemon, all these fruits can be used to make other fresh goods at factories or you may need in filling train boxes.

Wild West also provides you with an amazing collection of decorations you can decorate your farm with, it’s nice to play in beautiful surroundings.

Farm Amazing Buildings

You start the game with 3 main old buildings and you have to fix them, they are the barn, granary and achievements building. Level by level you will be able to build:

  • Farming buildings: like cow pen, pig pen, chicken pen, sheep pen, goat pen, goose pond and turkey pen.

Each one of them produces a product like milk, eggs, meat, feathers, and many more products that you will use to make other game goods for example you can make cream, cheese, or butter from milk.

  • Pet houses: the game give you horseshoes as a reward for sending trains, you can buy pet houses and also pets by using these horseshoes.

Examples of pets: cats, dogs, and rabbits.

You need to feed them regularly and they will bring you some rare items like expanding and upgrading tools

  • Factories: level by level you need to build more factories to enlarge your farm and make more goods.

Examples of factories: dairy, summer kitchen, grill, mill, native American kitchen, millstone, stove, saw bench, bakery, and many more.

  • Storage buildings: the game contain 3 storage buildings
  1. Barn: that store goods of animals and factories and also upgrading and expansion tools.
  2. Granary: that store the crops you collect them from fields
  3. Fisherman’s storehouse: that store net and lure for fishing
  • Special buildings: there are many special buildings that make the game more enjoyable.
  1. Sawmill: in this building you can use tools like axes, saws, dynamite, spades and pickaxes to produce logs, then you can cut these logs in saw bench.
  2. Roadside Market: it’s a building contains slots you can sell any product or crops there and you can customize the price.
  3. Mine: in this building you can use tools like axes, saws, dynamite, spades and pickaxes to produce coal and ore, then you can ingot them in the foundry.
  4. Fishing lake: it’s not really a building but we can consider it special place where you can make lure and net and use them in fishing.
  5. Gold Works: there also you can use tools to extract gold and silver nuggets and also can be ingot in the foundry
  6. Quarry: where you can use tools to extract stones and cut them then by using stone cutter machine.
  7. Neighborhood building: that you need to fix it to join your friends in neighborhood and enjoy playing with them.
  8. Train station: you have to fix it to send and receive trains.

Complete Orders And Serve Your Guests west-orders west-orders

You have to complete orders from the orders board that help you gain coins and game experience points to level up and grow the farm. In Wild West New Frontier you have also guests who come to your farm and have many needs you can serve them to gain coins and game experience points.

Fill Your train Orders

You will receive a train every 4 hours you need to fill its boxes to gain coins and XP. The train stands in the station for 17 hours so you can make its need if you don’t have its goods or hard to make them you can put a request help on 4 boxes then your friends will help you.

Find Your Need In Newspaper ADs

Sometimes you need products and you can’t make them or you don’t have materials, when that happens you can find all you need in the newspaper Ads. Wild west contains the offers that the other players in their roadside markets. The newspaper refreshes every few seconds to help you find what you need.

Find Amazing Treasure Chests

Keep an eye on your farm space you will find treasure chests that contain great rewards from the game like expanding or upgrading tools or even coins.

When you visit other players, don’t forget to look for the chests and open them, your friend also will receive one when you open the chest at his farm.

Play With Your Friends And Make New Relationships

There is no more fun than playing with your friends, here I will tell you the way to add your friends and play with them and there are two methods:

  • First: play with Facebook friends

On wild west you can play with your Facebook friends by following the steps:

  1. Tap on the gear icon on the top right of the screen
  2. A small window will pop up contains a button called “connect to Facebook” that means you aren’t connect
  3. Press that button and verify with your Facebook account
  4. Now you can find your face book friends added to your friends list that present on the left bottom corner.
  5. You can make a neighborhood or join them to can chat and exchange all goods you need and also take part of the weekly races.
  • Second: make new friends

You can tap on the neighborhood house and search for a neighborhood then join them.

When you help any friend or player to fill his train box you will gain a stamp, by collecting stamps you can exchange them at the mailbox and receive wonderful prizes.

Just tap on the mailbox and choose the size of the prize then the mailman will bring the prize to you, press the prize box and see what’s inside

Small Tips Help You

After you download Wild West and open the game you should follow up with some guides, and tips to make you understand the game very well. If make a request on a train box and no one helps, you can put anything in the roadside market and add an AD on it, that way you will appear in the newspaper Ads and beside your name, a green mark means that player needs help.

Every day you have to visit the default player of the game “Mary” and open its roadside market, there is always something valuable to buy from her.

Don’t forget to play the never loose lottery every day, they give awesome free gifts for free.

If you need upgrading or expansion materials and can’t find them, all you need to plant and harvest and replant and so on, when you collect plat crops you will find many tools you need and the same happens when you collect animal products and factories goods.

Pricing Of Wild West New Frontier

Social Quantum Ltd provides the game for a free price without paying money, but if you like to grow up very fast and the game becomes easier you can buy some items for real money, and every item has its price.

Download Wild West New Frontier for free

You can download wild west from the official Google store market to make sure it’s the original game without any virus or trojan, so you can enjoy it while playing the game from the wild west. You can also download the township farming game.

If you like our apps, and games reviews please give us feeding back, and recommend our website to your friends your support helping us to grow up.

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