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Format Factory is the best free and amazing converter application that comes with many features and tools given for the users, they can convert images into different extensions with the full control of image quality and the videos to other formats.

You can download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory one of the biggest video editors in 2022.

About Format Factory

With the presence of many different types of files, whether images, audio files, or videos, to make some modifications, you need many different programs, and this consumes effort and time. Factory-main Factory-main

Format Factory is the best converter software that’s offering to convert images from one format to another it supports many extensions and you can convert any video type or audio format into another one without losing the quality and the program saves the audios files clear without noise, it comes with clip and crop videos tools to manage your files easily.

Features Of Format Factory

It provides many amazing features and collections that allow the users to manage their files and documents easily, we are going to talk about each one in detail.

Smooth And Friendly Interface Factory-interface Factory-interface

It comes with an arranged layout that is comfortable for the user’s eyes you can see all the features at a few tabs and every button and function with different colors, icons, and text at the button. You can choose where the output for your files, the software comes with a preview function to see the source file and the output file after being converted done with seven color themes.

Support More than 30 Languages Factory-languages Factory-languages

What makes the software or even anything in our life easier to use when it comes with our native language, imagine when you buy a machine and when you open the box and power it, you find it comes with a Chinese guide and you speak Arabic or English what are you going to do? all you try will be so tired and you will feel bad.

Format Factory comes with more than 30 languages to make it easy to use for all nations for every person it gives you the option to translate it to your native language. It comes in Arabic, English, Chinese, Afrikaans, Bengali, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Russian, and others.

A Good PDF Editor Factory-document Factory-document

It provides amazing and perfect collections of tools that allow users to control their pdf files, you can read about Acrobat Adobe Reader for mobile from here.
Format Factory is one of the strongest free converter software in the market with huge features and is still upgradable.

You can merge multi pdf files into one pdf file with speed and high quality and it allows you to compress the pdf size to a lower size without losing your document quality.
You can convert your pdf to multi-file format like extract your pdf file as a pic with many different formats or convert the document into excel sheet or word document, even you can encrypt your document with a strong password.

Smooth Images Converter Factory-images Factory-images

If you are searching for a tool that helps you convert images into another format type without losing your quality, I highly recommend that software.

It provides more than 6 images format as your needs for phones or your website and social media, you can convert from any format into JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA, and other formats. You can control your output settings even you can add watermarks to your images to not steal from others.

Speed Processing Audio Converter

That software is really amazing it comes with huge and amazing audio libraries and functions that allow users to manage their audio files and save time and effort that users will spend searching and learning other programs. Factory-Audios Factory-Audios
  1. It offers you merge multi audio files from many format types with just few taps and choose which output extension you would it be .
  2. It can add music or sound at the background with another audio files to be one file with clear sound.
  3. You can make speech to text by putting your text and control your speech voice male or female and how speed of it.
  4. You can convert your audio files into different audio format types like .MP3 , .WMA , .Wav and others one
  5. Split your audio files to make it ringtone for your mobile.

Perfect Features For Video Files

That software is really amazing it comes with huge and amazing video libraries and functions that allow users to manage their video files and save time and effort that users will spend searching and learning other programs. Factory-Videos Factory-Videos
  • You convert your videos for another formats like .MP4 , .MKV , .GIF , .WEMB , .FLV
  • It allows users to download video from YouTube or Facebook or Dailymotion and another sites all your need to do put the video link.
  • It comes with video media player you watch your movies and videos with HD quality.
  • The software comes with screen recorder to make videos for your screen with high resolution.
  • You can clip your video into small videos with start and end time you select.
  • You can control your video height and width by cropping your video width and height.
  • You can make films with your hand by merge audio file with your video and put text if you would.

System Requirements For Installing Format Factory

  • Software Full Name: Format Factory 2021.
  • Setup File Name: Format_Factory_5.7.5x64_Multilingual.
  • Full Setup Size: 99.5 MB.
  • Last Version: 2021-05-22.

Download Format Factory for windows

You can download the original software from the official site of the developer from Format Factory.

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