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Hay Day is a fantastic farming game that contains wonderful crops, animals, and buildings. There is much fun farming and there is always something to do.

hay day farm was released by supercell at the end of 2013 and now it’s one of the largest farming games on google play store and apple store. You can also check our guide, and download the township android game.

About The Game day-thegame day-thegame

Hay Day contains huge details, you can find fields to plant and harvest, animals to feed and collect products from them, and many game buildings and factories that help you produce goods.

Features Of Hay Day

On hay day 2021 you will find many features, and exciting missions are waiting for you, on the short word you will find the game very different than other farming games, so let’s talk about some of them.

Farm And Build day-farm day-farm

In the game, you have fields you can plant, harvest, and replant again to multiply the number of crops you have, and then you can use them to make fresh goods like wheat to make bread or cotton to make clothes, and many more.

You also will have production buildings like bakeries, dairy, and sugar factory and many other factories. These goods can be exchanged for coins or you can trade them with your friends. On hay day free you also have to build houses and barns to store your crops and products. The game also contains various collections of decorations you can use to decorate beautify your town.

Crops Will Never Die

Plant crops and collect them at any time, no need to worry that they will never die. But don’t be late for your animals they want to be feed, and to feed them you need to prepare their foods, so you need to collect the plants. At hay day farm everything is connected.

Amazing Areas To Visit day-fishing day-fishing

On hay day 2021 there are many areas to explore, and making small missions, every level you go up the more areas will be unlocked so you can visit them. We are going to talk about some of them, let’s go

Fishing zone: you first need to repair the dock then you can produce lures to catch your favored fishes from water.

Town: at level 34 you can repair the platform for 39.000 coins and then you will receive a train that leads you to a new town, in the new town you can build your buildings and decorate them. The town also contains people and they ask you for some orders for coins.

Valley: you can add friends and play with them in events and many seasons.

Amazing Tools For Upgrades And Expansion

The upgrading and expansion tools are specific for the town and you can use them only in the town. You can use them to upgrade your buildings and also expand the town to increase the space for other buildings.

You can find them on hay day free by completing town people orders or find them at packages that you receive when helping your friends, and also you can buy them using gems.

Wonderful Prizes In Chests day-chest day-chest

Sometimes you will find treasure chests floating on the water surface, don’t forget to check the water and open them, they contain many wonderful gifts to you. And also, don’t forget to look for them when you visit a friend town you may find them there.

At hay day farm you will find valuable items at the chests, not like the other farming games which provide normal items so you need to pay to can play.

Reputation points

Hay Day contains visitors and they need services from you, when you serve them, they give you reputation points. Reputation points refer to how to satisfy the visitor is. It can be used to upgrade your town buildings; you have to know that reputation points are received and count in the town only.

Upgrade Buildings day-upgrade buildings day-upgrade buildings

On hay day 2021 there are some buildings that need upgrades like cinema and grocery store, let’s clear How to upgrade them.

 Each building starts with only one visitor slot, beside the visitor slot there is the green arrow which means you can upgrade.

When you press on the green arrow, there is a small window that opens and contains 4 types of upgrades:

Visitor: increase the number of visitors in the same building at the same time.

Coins: increase the coins gained by the visitor.

Experience and reputation points: increase experience and reputation points.

Time: decrease service time.

Serve Your Visitors

On hay day farm you receive visitors in your town you need to send them to the serving buildings, then go to this building you will find products the visitor needs, all you need is to drag the products to the visitor to make him happy.

So, you have to enlarge your town and upgrade your buildings to can produce a lot of goods to help visitors and make them happy.

Play With Friends

There are two ways to play with friends in Hay Day:

First: play with Facebook friends day-play day-play

you can play with your Facebook friends all you need is to follow the next steps:

  1. Tape the gear icon at the top left of the screen
  2. You will see small window contains a button “Facebook – disconnected”, press that button
  3.  Once you pressed Facebook button you just need to verify your login in Facebook.
  4. Find your Facebook friends list at the icon that present in the bottom right of the screen.

Second: make new friends by neighborhood house day-neighborhood day-neighborhood

Once you reach level 18 in Hay Day, you can repair your neighborhood house. Through this house, you can search in your friends’ neighborhood and join them, or you can join any neighborhood and make new friends, increasing your circle of friends. You can also make your own neighborhood and welcome other players to help them and play with.

Pricing Of Hay Day

The game is free to download and install. However, there are some items in the game you can purchase with real money.

hay day download

You can download hay day google play without paying money, from the official store market with the original application so you will be sure there are no viruses and trojans from hay day play store.

You can also check wild west farming game one of the best simulation games at 2021, download wild west.

You can play the hay day windows from your machine if you have to good PC with 4GB RAM, with bluestacks hay day you can play it through the PC if you were tired from the small screen of your mobile, or your mobile phone is recharging.

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