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sea of thieves is an amazing and adventure game you will love to play the game story revolves on the deepwater which the players should be sailing across the ocean it is amazing in the beauty reflection light in the water and grabbing scene to make you have a nice time until your pirate’s team join you. You can also Download Now the world of warships For Windows 10 For Free.

About The Game

There are two main stories in the game you can select one of them and play it’s back to your passion and what you wish to do let’s talk about them:

appsscope- sea of thieves - pirate
sea of thieves

Pirate Life:

When you play at sea of thieves as a pirate the game provides you with a ship and team of pirates, some tools to discover the ocean, a map for searching where you are and where are you going, and some weapons for attack.
The life of pirates is really exciting as much as you can imagine.

As we were saying the life of pirates is out of law you will get missions to sail into islands and conquer them attacking other players, animals and else to bring boxes of treasure, following up the other ships in the water and you will have to attack and kill all on the ship and steal their treasure.

Sailor Life:

Playing the game as a sailor is not less exciting than the life of pirates you will get collections of quests and missions you have to accept them one by one, so you are going swimming to islands by using the board map to help you reach the desired place.

When you arrive at the desired island look for the hidden treasure boxes, you might attack some enemies like skeletons and you should be clear mind to solve some exciting puzzles and you will get good prizes if you won the war and get back to your home at the island port and accept another mission.

How To Play Sea Of Thieves

appsscope sea of thieves playing
sea of thieves

Steel Your Loot

To can enjoy that game you should understand how you can play it and how the game story going, when you begin to play you need to open your board map and search for the player’s skeleton castle so you can snail and attack the ships.

You can search too for damaged ships and get back with boxes of sugar or you can have a cup of tea there and make exchange some goods with another.
You will face and attack some creatures you should kill them like Kraken, megalodons and rare megalodon it’s called shrouded ghost.

When you bring your stolen loot you have to sell them at the port of the island for some gold that gold you need more and more to can buy weapons or repair yours, you need them to repair your damaged ships or buy a new one.
The game comes with 3d carton gameplay with amazing styles of buildings and characters you will find familiar faces if you like to watch cartoon movies.


At the start of the game, players will get four main weapons to play with but the bad thing is that weapons are not upgradable to make you focus more on fun more than keep killing and attacking others so you will get few amounts of ammunition to play with, but you will need to search while looting for ammo boxes to reload your weapons.

Basics Of Playing

Pirate players should learn how to play and learn how to steer the ships and navigate to the desired position hoist and lower the sails and how to shoot and attack the cannons when it is necessary.
There are three main modes you can play sea of thieves and every mode has advantages and disadvantages let’s talk about them :

Solo Mode:

This mode of the game in my opinion it’s hard a bit because the player should be do all roles by himself as the game was first designed purpose is a multiplayer game, as we were saying the player has to manage sails, anchor, navigation, defense and attack by himself isn’t it hard? you will lose the taste of teamwork and the way you all make decisions.

Cooperative Mode:

This creative mode is very very amazing I personality adore this one as you can play with one character let’s say navigator you have to tell your friends with your own way how to go while sailing at the ocean and say that at enough time to avoid accidents at rocks and other ships whom might attack yours and every character can’t see or do what the other character does, so you should choose your character carefully.

Multiple Mode:

You can at this mode play with other players from the whole world so you will meet different cultures and habits you might hate them or love them because every person has a deep passion and other ways to play the one game.
But be careful the game is designed for fun so you had to not annoy other players and keep attacking them or waiting for them at the port while they are backing with their stolen loot to attack them and steal their ones.

Features Of The Game Play

appsscope- Sea of Thieves-Features
sea of thieves

The Excitement Never Ends

At every mission or quest at sea of thieves is not expected and difficult and you can’t predict what will happen, even a small quest or quiet island might be changed into a war of skeletons or big war against other ghosts ships or become the beauty ocean journey into stolen treasure escape to not be stolen.

Expect What Is Not Expectable

If your journey was fine and you and your team won the war against some ghosts ships or even you stole the loot from other players ships, you were strong enough to beat your enemies DON”T BE Confident In Yourself maybe when you are backing to the island port the weather go sucks and ocean fade in and the journey goes messy and lose your loot.

War Against Others

The war against others at sea of thieves is very very tough you have to save your stolen loot after a big journey from the other players, so you and your team have to do their best to keep your loot safe to back with it to the island port.
Or even your fight against them to steal their loots will take from you and your team cooperative work to win the fight.

Discover And Upgrade Your Weapons

There are many missions and work to do at the game most of them are dangerous so it will be foolish to go deep in the game and you not armed, you will get some guns when you start the game but don’t depend on them much you should have to find other weapons and upgrade them to face strong players and beat them all.

Discover New Islands

The sea of thieves encourages you to take a spot at the map and snail to it to discover what is inside it and what is waiting for you there from the highest mountains to deepest passages under the oceans.
You might find a shortcut way or you might find the mysterious entrance to a big loot but carefully it might be a trap.

Sea Of Thieves Has Unforgettable Stories

The game of sea of thieves is the world of mystery and myth every chapter has its own hidden away within the mysterious Devil’s Shroud, where the pirate life can endure for all eternity.

Requirements of Sea Of Thieves

SystemMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OSWin 10 64Win 10 64
CPUCore i3-4130T 2.9GHz / FX-6300Core i5-3470 3.2GHz / FX-8320
GPUGeForce GTX 650 1GB / Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon R9 285 2GB
Requirements of Sea Of Thieves

Download Now Sea Of Thieves

You can buy the game from their official site or ask them for another guide for the game and the newest updates from download sea of thieves.

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